What is Electroforming exactly? 

Electroforming is a metal forming process that uses electrodeposition to form, or grow, metal parts onto a model, which is known as a “mandrel.” Electrodeposition involves the electrochemical transfer of metal ions through an electrolyte to a surface from an anode.

What is electroforming in jewelry making?

Electroforming is turning natural and other materials into metal jewelry components, by building up layers of metal around forms, preserving them forever.

Is electroforming expensive?

The electroforming equipment is expensive, and the process itself can be very time-consuming and expensive depending on the materials used.

Does electroformed jewelry last?

Electroformed jewelry is often very sturdy and lasts a long long time. This is the reason why most artists charge a lot for a piece of electroformed jewelry. Once you made it, you can literally keep it forever. The only thing is that it will darken over time, but this can be easily solved with a quick polishing.

Does electroform jewelry tarnish?

Copper and Silver are reactive metals and oxidize when exposed to air, water, heat, etc. Oxidization typically will turn the skin a green color if not kept up with regular maintenance. If your pieces tarnish, as it naturally does, you can clean your jewelry using one of the following methods to restore its original shine:

You can also store your copper pieces in plastic bags to slow the tarnishing or purchase an anti tarnish bag or tabs!